Travel charge - Most companies charge travel time for every call. Some companies charge a two hour minimum. It might cost you $500 in travel charges before they even start the repair. We do not charge travel time to any local customers. 

Minimum Service charge - Most companies have a two hour minimum service charge. So now you are spending $500 for travel and another $700 for them to show up. We do not have a minimum charge for repairs. So if we show up and it's a simple fix, it might cost you $100 instead of $1200. 

Overtime - We do not charge overtime for scheduled work. Even if it is outside of our normal working hours. Our goals is to keep the equipment running without affecting the patients schedule. If you need your PM's completed after office hours, we can accommodate you. We recently completed PM's on a hospital's radiology and trauma department. The work needed to be done during off hours. We scheduled the work to start the Sunday before labor day at 3:00 A.M. and work until 9:00 A.M. and then again Labor day starting at 2:00 A.M. This was the only way to keep from canceling patients. And we did not charge overtime rates since it was a scheduled service call!

Discount Parts - We get all of our parts from a national medical parts supplier. Over the last 10 years we have been averaging a 36% discount on all of our parts. And since we do not mark up our parts, this savings is passed on to our customers. 

Education - Whenever we come across a common repair item, we look for ideas to eliminate these repairs. And sometimes all it takes is a little training for the end user. And these simple tips can mean thousands in savings. 

Equipment Uptime - This is usually the most overlooked item. If your equipment is down for repairs or routine maintenance, you are not able to generate revenue. Patients might go somewhere else for their tests. Again, if you do your PM's outside of normal office hours, you avoid these issue. And if you keep your systems on a routine PM schedule, you reduce repairs, which reduce costs and downtime. Less cancelled patients.

Customer satisfaction - The last thing a patient wants to hear, is the machine is down. They scheduled their day around this appointment. And now they can't get their test done because the machine is broken. Now they have to take another day off from work. If you are not maintaining your equipment, this is going to happen more frequently than it needs to. Cancelled appointments translate to lost revenue and possible lost patients.

Our whole company was established around customer service. We treat your customers like our own! Which is why we offer so many different service options. By taking care of your customers, we are taking care of you, our customers!

Cost savings

Here is a list of some ways that we use to save you money:

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