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A Forensic audit is just like going to the doctor for a physical. We take a look and make sure everything is working the way it is supposed to.  Instead of looking at blood counts, we look at total service costs.   We also take a look at PM procedures and frequencies. We make a list of what repairs have been done and when. This can identify if the PM frequency needs to be increased. Every machine has an average cost associated with it. And once we know the patient load, we can calculate what it will cost to maintain the machine. We have two different ways of pulling an audit.

Option #1

The first way is to analyze every service report for the past 12 months. We will pull apart every document and separate out the labor costs, parts cost and travel costs. Once we have all of the data compiled, we can show you how to cut your costs. This is the most accurate way to analyze your service needs. If you are doing annual PM's and on month number 11, the machine loses a power supply. You may need to increase the PM frequency. The cost of one more PM a year could save you two days of lost revenue plus a few thousand dollars in parts. This option lets us see trends as well. Sometimes you have one machine that is a problem. And if we know that, we can investigate why? It might be as simple as an ungrounded outlet. 

 Option #2

We will get a list of your equipment and approximate patient loads. We can then make projections on what it should cost you for a year of service. Then you can compare it to your actual costs. This is not the preferred method, but not everyone has access to the service records.  This option is quicker and easier, but it does not allow us to see any trends with the equipment.

What is a Forensic Audit?

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