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     Onsite repair and PM's.

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CT Repair

Repair and maintenance of your CT systems.

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Our professional staff has been showing customers how to cut their service cost by as much as 60%! While reducing Downtime!

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X-ray Repair

Repair and maintenance of all your X-ray systems. 

Aggressive Pricing!

Our “Superpower is our Size” –  As a locally owned small business we are able to offer a completely different experience than is offered by ‘the big guys’ in our industry.  The top differences are…

Our focus is local.We choose to keep our service area within a 4 hour radius of our headquarters in Wilmington, NC. This allows for rapid response time and personalized service that will have you up and running quickly and will minimal disruption.  

Your needs come first.Quick response, next day parts, after hours PM’s, and honest answers are a few examples of how we put our customers’ needs in front of our own. 

You matter to us.
You’re more than just a contract obligation that we have to fulfill. You are how we feed our families, our children’s school tuition and the key to our continued success. We demonstrate how much you matter by listening to your needs, providing honest answers and treating you with the respect that you deserve. 

A lifetime of expertise.
 - Our technicians are high level industry experts and have decades of experience in the field of imaging maintenance and repair. We invest heavily in training and continuing education so that we can provide quick and effective solutions to any issue that you may face.

We love what we do.
  Sounds a little weird, who really has a burning passion for imaging service & repair?  That’s us! Our life’s work has been dedicated to practicing and perfecting our craft. We enjoy solving the problems that others can’t or are simply unwilling to. Call us weird but we’re simply the most delighted imaging service techs that you would ever want to meet.  

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