Travel charge - We DO NOT charge for travel to our Local customers! This is an immediate savings of as much as $1200!

Minimum Service charge - We DO NOT have a 2 hour minimum service charge like most companies. This can save you as much as $1200.

Overtime - We DO NOT charge overtime for scheduled work. Even if it is outside of our normal working hours. Our goals is to keep the equipment running without affecting the patients schedule. If you need your PM's completed after office hours, we can accommodate you. We recently completed PM's on a hospital's radiology and trauma department. The work needed to be done during off hours. We scheduled the work to start the Sunday before labor day at 3:00 A.M. and worked until 9:00 A.M. And then again Labor day starting at 2:00 A.M. This was the only way to keep from canceling patients. And we did not charge overtime rates since it was a scheduled service call!

Discount Parts -We average 40% discount on all parts.

Education  - Some repairs can be avoided by providing some simple techniques that we teach the operators. 

Equipment Uptime - This is the most overlooked area for improvement. Patient satisfaction takes a big hit when the equipment is down. We reduce this problem with after hours PM's. We also monitor repair rates and adjust the PM schedule to eliminate excessive repairs. Less downtime increases Patient satisfaction and decreases lost revenues.

Potential Savings of as much as $2000 in labor charges on each service call!

Potential savings of as much as $3500 on PM's scheduled after hours!

40% savings on parts!

Our whole company was established around customer service. We treat your customers like our own! Which is why we offer so many different service options. By taking care of your customers, we are taking care of you, our customers!

Cost savings

Southeast Imaging Service



Here is a list of how we can save you money: