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Give us a call to schedule a FREE service inspection.  During the inspection, we can show you what to look for to make sure you are getting what you pay for during a PM.  We can confirm if the cleanings are being performed and we can also verify if your calibrations are being performed. 


  • Are your filters clean?
  • Do your computers look clean?
  • Are the rails on the table clean?
  • Are the overhead rails clean?
  • ​Do you see a lot of dirt coming out of the system cabinets?
  • Are your PM's being completed on time?

I have seen a lot of the "Big Guys" remove the cleaning part from their PM's. Why would they do this?  If you do not clean the dirt and dust out of the systems, you will over heat the power supplies causing more downtime.  The whole point of doing PM's is to prevent future problems!

We offer a FREE service inspection to anyone in our local community. 

SEI repairs and maintains all types of X-ray equipment. We cover everything from C-arms, Rad and R&F rooms to Cath labs. We understand the needs of our customers. Our goal is to teach you how to reduce your service costs while decreasing your downtime.  One of the ways we can reduce downtime is by providing after hours PM's. This keeps you from having to block time out of the schedule that should be kept open for patients. 

How do you know your PM's are being done properly?

Here is what to look for: